A six month Randomized Control Trial reveals promising early results

Vitality has tapped Mass General Hospital/Harvard’s Center for Connected Health (CCH) to conduct a two part study of GlowCap©. In the summer of 2008, CCH administered a usability study of GlowCap©. On the 5 point Likert scale GlowCaps received a 4.3 for “ease of use” and a 4.2 for “would recommend to a friend.”

Harvard is now completing a 6 month randomized control trial of GlowCap© to measure the efficacy of Vitality GlowCap© for a population of people taking a once a day medication for hypertension. The study has three arms: one control and two intervention groups. The control participants have a GlowCap© that records data but offers no feedback. The two intervention groups offer participants a variety of services to affect their adherence. Early results from the study are extremely promising: intervention and invertention-plus had adherence rates of 98% and 99%, respectively, a 27 percent increase over the control group.


Chart describing the rates of adherence for three groups in the Partner's GlowCap Study: Control 65%/45%/45%, GlowCap: 100%/100%/100%, and GlowCap +: 96%, 100%, 100%