GlowCap© achieved an 86% rate of adherence

In February of 2009, Vitality recruited 50 people in the greater Boston area to use GlowCap© for three months. With GlowCap© open events transmitting continuously over a 3 month period, Vitality measured an average adherence of 86 percent. This result is significantly higher than the World Health Organizations’ often-cited average adherence rate for the developed world of 50 percent. Presently, Harvard Medical School, Duke University, and major pharmaceutical companies are administering their own randomized controlled trials to quantify the impact and value of GlowCap© to specific populations, conditions and therapies.


“I was happy; remembering to take medication has always been an issue for me, never top of mind. With the GlowCap© top and night light I never forgot and neither did my kids, who would run through every day and tell me that the light was orange and the cap was playing its tune :-)”

— Beta participant, exit survey comment